Monday, February 25, 2008

National Workshop on Teacher Education

Objectives of the Workshop:-
  1. To Solve the practical diffiencies faced by tecaher Educator while giving Training to B.Ed and M.Ed students.

  2. To develop a common pattern of an ideal lesson plan.

  3. To evolve strategies to increase professional competence of teacher Educators.

  4. To improve the standard of Professional growth of teachers Educators.

  5. To Provide fruitful knowledge about Research Methodology to M.Ed and Ph.d students.

Dr Urmilla Verma
H.O.D., B.Ed Department,
Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Jabalpur,
Phone 9893393330

1. Shri Mahendra Chourasia, Vice Chairman C.T.E(M.P), phone: 9329663159

2.Dr. K.K. Dubey ,Principal Govt.College Of Education , Jabalpur, phone: 0761-2624883

Themes and Sub Themes of Workshop

  1. Steps for Developing an Ideal lesson plan.

  2. Importance of Research Methodology for any good Research work

  3. Salient features of Reaserch Methodology.

Who Can Attend?

All teachers Educators, Research Scholars, Trainees of B.Ed and M.Ed Classes and persons interested in teacher Education can attend this workshop.

  • Dr.Vineeta Kaur Saluja, Principal ,Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya,Jabalpur Telephone No. 0761-2410740, 4007666
Director of Seminar
  • Dr.Gargi Sharan Mishra, Chairman,C.T.E.(M.P.), Mobile. 9425899232

Organizing Secretary
  • Shri S.C.Das, Principal,St.Paul B.Ed.College,Jabalpur, Mobile 9425387310


Office Bearers:-

  1. National President Dr.G.Chourasia

  2. M.P. State President Dr.G.S. Mishra

  3. M.P. State Vice President Dr.Vineeta Kaur Saluja

  4. M.P. State Vice President Shri Mahendra Chourasia

  5. M.P. State Treasurer Dr.Urmila Verma

  6. M.P. State Secretary Shri S.C.Das

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