Tuesday, January 6, 2009

National Workshop on Research Projects in Economics and Management

It Gives us immense pleasure to cordially invite and welcome you to the workshop on "Research Projects in Economics and Management" organised by Deptt. of Economics ,MGMM,jabalpur(M.P).
About The College
Mata Guri is a multi faculty College that imparts Higher Education in Arts ,Commerce,Science,Management,Education and fashion designing. The College was founded in 1994 and the Department of Economics was strated in 1997-98 Academic Session.The College has attracted students from various parts of the country. The College is affiliated to RDVV and is a pioneer Institution for Womens' education in India and actively engaged in Career Counselling/Guidance & actual placement.
The new Higher Education Policy of MP Govt. has made research projects a vital part of the current curriculum.UGC & other promoting Research among the teaching faculty.
This workshop is mainly for those who are about to take up Reaserch in connection with the job market, or as a requirement for UGC & PG courses.The workshop aims at providing the stake holders, the technical expertise on research methodology & guidance to overcome all the hurdles while pursuing research work.

  • Defining & framing the reserach problem

  • Choosing scientific methods of resaerchor research strategy.

  • Developing the research plan

  • Compiling an ideal research project

  • 08:30 am-09:00 am :Registration

  • 09:00 am-10:30 am : Inaugural Session
Dr.A.D.N. Bajpai,Prof Deptt. of Eco.,RDVV ,Jabalpur,Ex. Vice Chancellor,Rewa University(M.P).

  • 10:30 am-11:00 am :Tea

  • 11:00 am-12:00 am:Session I (Identification of Research Problem)
Dr. S.K. Choubey,Prof Deptt. of Eco.,RDVV,Jabalpur

  • 12:00-01:30 pm : Session II (Research Plan)Dr.N.G. Pendse ,HOD Deptt of Eco.,RDVV,Jabalpur

  • 01:30 pm-2:30 pm : lunch

  • 02:30 pm-03:30 pm : Session III (Formatting of Research Project)
Shri V.K. Gupta,director NSSO,Regional Office,Jbalpur

  • 03:30 pm-04:00 pm : Tea

  • 04:00 pm -05:00 pm : Session Iv(Presentation of Research Project by the Participants)
Dr. J.Joshi, HOD ,Deptt of Eco.,Mahakoshal College,Jabalpur

  • 05:00 pm -05:30 pm:Valedictory Session Dr. Vipin Beohar,JNKVV,Jabalpur

  • 05:30 pm : Tea

  • Prof. S.M.Paul Khurana,Vice Chancellor,RDVV,Jbalpur

  • S.G.S. Maini ,President GGSES,Jabalpur

  • S.S.S. Reel, Secretary GGSES,Jabalpur

  • S.Mohinder Singh,Vice President,GGSES

  • S.Arjun Singh Kalsi,Joint Secretary,GGSES

  • S.J.S.Makan ,Cashier GGSES

  • Dr.V.K. Saluja ,Principal,MGMM,Jabalpur

  • Dr.A.D.N. Bajpai,Prof Deptt. of Eco.,RDVV ,Jabalpur,Ex. Vice Chancellor,Rewa University(M.P).

  • Dr. S.K. Choubey,Prof Deptt. of Eco.,RDVV,Jabalpur

  • Dr.N.G. Pendse ,Prof & HOD Deptt of Eco.,RDVV,Jabalpur

  • Dr. Niti Jain. Head Deptt of Eco., MGMM

  • Mrs. Shini Oberoi,Asstt. Prof ,Deptt of Eco., MGMM

  • Dr.Vanadana Tiwari, Asstt. Prof ,Deptt of Eco., MGMM

  • Dr. Samta Jain,Asstt. Prof ,Deptt of Eco., MGMM

  • Dr. Poonam Singh,Asstt. Prof ,Deptt of Eco., MGMM

  • Dr. Rita Mukherjee,Asstt. Prof ,Deptt of Eco., MGMM

  • Dr.N.K.Koshti,Asstt. Prof ,Deptt of Eco., MGMM

  • Dr.Ragini Mehta,Asstt. Prof ,Deptt of Eco., MGMM

  • Dr.Poonam Sethi,Asstt. Prof ,Deptt of Eco., MGMM


Dr.Sandhya Batalia,Vice Principal,MGMM and the entire family of MGMM,Jabalpur

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