Monday, June 8, 2009

National Seminar On Current Trends in the Field of Biodiversity and Sustainable use of natural Resources

BIODIVERSITY is defined as the variety of all forms oflife.from genes to species , to the broad scale of ecosystems. Biodiversity refers to the totality of genes,species and ecosystems of a region.It has many medicinal and economic uses. Genes of wild species are used for confer new properties such as disease resistance or improved yield domesticated species.It also provides valuable indirect services thorugh natural ecosystems. the total number of species on the earth is estimated to range from 5-5.5million, but only about 1.8 million soecies have so far described.Convention on biodiversity ia an important international instrument promoting biodiversity sonservationglobaly,IUCN and WWW are the leading conservation.
i s the prime need for maintenance of ecosystem. The concept of sustainabe development assumed immense importance against the growth of human population and modern man's indiscrimiate exploitation of enviroment. These two factors exhaust the enviromental resources.Thus ,a specific concern for the concept of sustainable development is, that those ,who enjoy the fruits of economic development today should not be making future generation worse off by over exploitation of natural resources.
Thrust Area
-Natural resources
Call for papers and Posters
Papers are invited br the participants on the topics mentioned as above .Participants are request ed to submit their abstract before 26th October 2009 on A4 size paper,type script(Ms Word ,Times New Roman ,fontSize 12) in English in two hard copies along with a soft copy.
About Jabalpur
Jabalpur is located in the Mahakaushal region of India is the geographic centre of India.It is thw land of tapasya of Jabali Rishi,from whom the name jabalpur is derived.It is one of the biggest cities of Madhya Pradesh and is famous in the world for Bheraghar water falls and marble rocks at the bank of holy river Narmada .
About college& Department of Botany
Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya is a multi faculty college that imparts Higher education in Science,arts,commerce,Management and Education. The college upholds the objective of providing education to women , in an epoch of revolutionary changes in all spheres of life .It is actively engaged in research ,career guidance ,training and placement of students.The college was founded in 1994 and in ashort span of 15 years ,it is identified as the college with a maximum number of students,amongst all the colleges affiliated to Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya,Jabalpur.The post Graduate Department of Botany is one of the founder department of this college.
Prof. S.M. Paul Khurana
Vice Chancellor,R.D.V.V,Jabalpur
Sr. G.S. Maini ,President ,GGSES,Jabalpur
Sr. mohinder Singh ,Vice President .GGSES
Sr. Reel, Secretary,GGSES,Jabalpur
Sr. A.S. Kalsi ,Joint Secretary,GGSES,Jabalpur
Sr. J.S. Makan ,Cashier,GGSES
Dr. Ranu Singh
Dr. Monika Dhagat
Dr. Sandhya Batalia Dr. Manjusha Pouranik
Dr. Mahima Tripathi Dr. Monika dhagat
Dr. Sangeeta Jhamb Dr. Sapna Rai
Dr. Pragya Agrawal Dr. Meenal Rehman
Mrs. Abha Bajpai Dr. Manisha Vyas
Dr. Pragya Agrawal Dr. Monika Daghat
Dr. Meenal Rehman Dr. Manisha Vyas
Dr. Ankita Bohre Ms. Anita Chouksey
Dr. S. Kuraria Dr. Maya Shukla
Dr. Ashish Tiwari Dr. M.K. Jain
Dr. Ashish Saraf Mrs. Kavita Gour
Dr. Manisha Vyas Mrs. Preeti Pathak
Mrs. Nidhi Narula Mrs. S. Padhye
Mrs. Shazia Tabassum Mrs. S. Sarkhel

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